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Services We Offer

Express Oil Service

Hassle free oil changes, saving you precious time! No long waits in busy dealerships. Our ASE Certified Technicians will have you in and out in no time!


  • New Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil
  • Remove & Replace Old Oil Filter
  • Safety Inspections Always Included

Air Conditioning Service

Its your car too hot in the summer? We'll have your air conditioning up and running in no time! A/C systems are complex, but our trained technicians are here to help.


  • A/C Flush Services
  • A/C Unit Replacement & Repair
  • Air Filter Replacement

Computer Engine Analysis

Bolton Motors can ensure your vehicle is running at peak performance & diagnose and repair any check engine light issues. If you're check engine light comes on while diriving, safely pull over and call BMI!


  • Ensures Vehicle Running at Peak Performance
  • Correct Check Engine Light Issues
  • Diagnose Vehicle Light Codes

Emissions Testing

Emissions Testing your vehicle is required by CT State Law. This ensures your vehicle is in compliance with all Federal and State Clean Air Energy acts. No appointment is nessecary for Emissions Testing.


  • No Appointment Nessecary
  • $20 Cash Only (Mandated by State of CT)
  • Proper Emissions Means a Clean Environment

Headlight Restoration

Clean headlights allow you to see safely at night, keeping you and your family safe. Headlight Restoration can increase illumination up to 300% and provides UV and Salt sealant.

Reasons to Have your Headlights Restored:

  • Restores Cloudy & Discolored Headlights 
  • Recovers Headlight Performance
  • Raises Vehicle Resale Value

Tire Replacement

Everyone knows that tires are important, but tires are truly the foundation of vehicle performance and stability. BMI recommends that tires should be replaced every 40,000 to 60,000 miles on average.


  • Tires Must Be Checked Regularly
  • Tire Rotation is Recommended Every 6 Months
  • Tires Should be Changed at First Sign of Issue

Car Care Tips & Tricks

Do you have questions about your vehicles general maintenance? Our certified ASE technicians are happy to help answer any and all questions!

Some Tips:

  • Change Oil Every 3,000 Miles
  • Keep Tank Above 1/4 Tank During Cold
  • Tire Rotation Makes Tires Last Longer

• Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses are prone to heavy wear and tear. BMI can quickly diagnose your belt or hose issue quickly, and offer a replacement or repair!


  • Belt & Hose Inspections
  • Belt Replacement
  • Hose Flush & Replacement

Cooling System Repair

Most people don't realize, but the cooling system is the only means of releasing the heat that builds to high temperatures inside of the engine block. BMI can ensure your vehicle is cooling itself properly.

Why Cooling System Service is Important:

  • Keeps Engine Running Cool
  • Removes Scales & Corrosion
  • Protects Heater Core & Water Pump

Tire Rotation

Just like Wheel Alignment, Tire Rotation is equally important, and when wheels are aligned, tires should be rotated, and visa versa. Most vehicles should have tires rotated every 6,000 miles.


  • Better Vehicle Ride Performance
  • Increase Tire Life
  • Ensures Vehicle Safety

Wheel Alignment

Did you know that improper tire alignment is a major cause of improper or pre-mature tire wear? A vehicle with properly aligned tires can add thousands of miles to tire life and increase vehicle safety.

Why Wheel Alignment is Important:

  • Better Gas Mileage
  • Improves Vehicle Handling
  • Increases Overall Vehicle Safety


Your vehicles exhaust sytem is a key player in your cars performance. A sealed exhaust system is required for proper vehicle performance and safety. BMI can inspect and repair any exhaust leaks or issues.

Tips to Remember:

  • Check Exhaust System Regulary
  • Leaks Allow Dangerous Fumes in the Vehicle
  • A Sealed Exhaust Means Peak Performance

Transmission Maintenance

Looking for life-long, trouble free transmission life? BMI Can Help! Bolton Motors recommends Transmission service should be performed every 30,000 miles. This ensures a properly functioning transmission and safety.

Our Tranmssions Maintenance:

  • Keeps Transmission Shifting Smoothly
  • Keeps Tranmssions Running Cooler
  • Prevents Costly Transmission Repairs 


Battery Troubles? Bolton Motors offers battery repair and service. If replacement is needed, we exclusivley use Interstate Batteries.


  • Battery Charge/Re-Charge
  • Battery Service & Repair
  • Exclusivley Using Interstate Batteries

Brake Services

Quality brakes keep you and your vehicle safe. Bolton Motors diagnoses all brake system issues, and our ASE Technicians can repair or replace your brakes.


  • Brake Rotor & Pad Inspection
  • Rotor & Pad Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Flush & Replenish

CV & Drive Axle

A part of the transmission, these components ensure the transfer of power from the power source (transmission) to the vehicles tires, which in turn, sets the vehicle in motion.


  • Should Be Check at Every Service
  • If Component(s) Fail, Car Will Not Move
  • If a Clicking Noise is Heard, Call BMI ASAP

Fuel Injection Service

The fuel injection system is key to getting fuel to your vehicles engine. Fuel Injection service should be performed every 15,000 miles to maintain peak engine performance and fuel efficiency. 

Fuel Injection Service Includes:

  • Cleans Injectors
  • Cleans Throttle Bodies, Plenum & Air Intake
  • Removes Deposits from Catalytic Converter

Shocks & Struts

Shocks & Struts are another very important component of your vehicle. These components are what keep your vehicle off the ground, and gives the passenger(s) a smooth ride.


  • Check Shocks & Struts Every 6 Months
  • Maintains Proper Vehicle Ride
  • Increase Life of Suspension Components

Wheel Balance

Properly balancing your vehicles wheels will maintain better vehicle handling as well as prevent vehicle shake at low and high speeds. Stop by BMI to see why our Wheel Balance service can lengthen your cars life.


  • Wheels Should Be Balanced Twice a Year
  • Will Increase Life of Front End Components
  • Will Increase Tire Life